Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Update 1.the art of making a game.

Greetings folks, welcome to the second installment of the Team Salmon development blog. First and foremost, it has come to my attention that there is already a game out there titled "Labyrinths of mind" in the mobile market (looks pretty cool btw). Not really that big of a deal, seeing as you are just now getting to know us, that just means a new title is called for. Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls of all ages, allow me to introduce our debut title "Broken Minds, a labyrinth of the subconscious". Now that we have that minor problem taken care of, lets move on to talking about what you came here for, the game.

"Broken minds" Is a 16-bit, first person survival horror title that takes place during a near death experience. Instead of watching their life pass before their eyes, you must explore a labyrinth created from their subconscious in order to decide if they perish or if they survive this horrific ordeal.

In the upcoming demo (dubbed episode 0 "the crawl") you are put in the role of Roberta Olmos as she navigates a maze built from her memories and populated by her inner demons, while searching for seven items that will give you clues as to what happened as you try to find the exit before time runs out.  The timer will be located at the top left corner of the screen (in a large not so friendly font) and doubles as a health meter, whenever you are attacked by one of the monsters inhabiting the maze, you lose more time. However you can add time to the clock by collecting the the seven items scattered throughout the maze. When you start to run out of time, the timer will start flashing red to let you know that you are in danger. when the timer runs down to 25 seconds, the sound of dirt being shoveled into a grave will be heard accompanied with the sounds of Roberta’s terrified screams becoming increasingly muffled by the dirt as the timer runs out.

Moving on without a proper transition here is some concept art and early looks at what the game is going to look like
Meet the shadow children, these little ones aimlessly wonder the maze like you. However, while these children will not hurt you, you still want to steer clear of them as they act as a warning for something much more sinister being close by.

Here we have an early look  of the area you start off in, not much to say really other than that it is a hallway made to look like a brain.

 and here we have another monster simply dubbed knife guy (I'm sure we'll come up with a better name for him later), As you have probably speculated, this guy aint exactly looking for hugs. Unless your just dying to get a few more puncture wounds. you might wanna run this beast shows up.

Well that's all for now kiddies, be sure to keep this little  dev blog in your book marks to keep up to date with our progress all the way up to the (targeted) release of the demo in late June or early July.
Thank you for dropping by.